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Torsdag 14 juni - Gäst Sheri Myers! Dagens ämne: The Glitch Movie & Angels

Obs! Showen är på engelska!

I denna episod av Soul Sisters Show, välkomnar värdar Sue Schumacher och Anne Anoulla sin speciella gäst: Writer & Producer Sheri Leigh MyersThe Glitch Movie!
…Everyone deserves an Angel

Sheri's favorite comment in communications "Onward with the Angels"

14 juni 2018

Lyssna på reprisen

About Sheri Myers

Sheri Leigh Myers is a screenwriter, producer, activist and podcaster, keenly interested in how we can personally, culturally, politically, and spiritually transform our lives to create community based on love, truth, and equality.

She is the writer and co-producer of THE GLITCH, an independent film about the power of prayer to bring miracles and healing, that will shoot outside New Orleans later this year. Irma Thomas, the Grammy award-winning Soul Queen of New Orleans, has agreed to play the role of Miss Marie, Ella's neighbor and spiritual mentor. A preview of the film and music is available here:

Sheri is the creator of the podcast “How to Connect with Angels” that interviews Angel experts all over the world. Free meditations and inspiring talks can be accessed at the glitch website, under the podcast tab. Please follow the How to Connect with Angels fb page to access the live feeds of Angel healers from all over the world, including Sue Broome!

10 jun 2018